DC Extreme Weather Hotline at
202-399-7093 or 311

COHHO seeks to improve housing and supportive services for all homeless and nearly homeless people in the District of Columbia.

Community Education

COHHO educates the community in multiple ways, depending on available resources.

  • At least one presentation per month on cutting-edge issues, including:

-Presentations by nonprofit -organizations about new service programs
-Reorganization of Department of Mental Health services delivery system
-Annual Point in Time Homelessness Enumerations
-Federal HEARTH Act
-Access to affordable, nutritious food
-DC Budget
-Affordable housing
-Homeless services

  • COHHO hosts public forums on the annual Winter Plan
  • COHHO has hosted public forums on issues such as the District Strategic Plan to End Homelessness
  • COHHO has hosted seminars on

-Disaster planning for service organizations
-The DC Budget process
-Building advocacy skills

  • COHHO has organized tours of DC shelters.